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I moved to Boston in 1999 and have been captivated by the state since.  Through the years, my subjects have repeatedly featured iconic structures like the Hancock Building, Zakim Bridge and the Paramount theater alongside hidden treasures from the region.  My painting, "Union Memory," recently returned from the ambassador's residence in Kowloon, Myanmar (Burma.) 

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New York City is an artist's paradise.  My favorite days involve walking the streets, soaking in the linear patterns interacting with cast shadows across amazing architectural facades.  My acrylic paintings have explored the city's greatest iconic structures and lesser-known corners.  Recently, I have been revisiting and reimagining some of the paintings into the series, "Remember New York," which incorporates narratives from a variety of inspirations into the compositions.

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A Manual High School graduate,  I am a proud native and current resident of my hometown.  Sitting at the base of the wildly inspirational nature of the Colorado rockies, the city itself is a global icon.  Fascinating architecture from its days in the wild west is intermixed with recent contemporary icons as this fast-growing city continues to evolve and flourish.  I anticipate exploring more of the city's endless possibilities on canvas in the near future.

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